There is so much that can be said for us as individuals and as a company. We’re in a very fortunate position; we get on well doing something we love!

Our company, Paul and Page, started around 17 years ago and has slowly developed into what we have now. Thankfully, even back then we had, and luckily, we still do have a shared vision. We aim to build high-performing, energy efficient homes. Eco homes are on the rise and we strive to be able to showcase what can be achieved and how far eco technology has come. It really is an exciting time (excusing the current situation) for technology, advancement and imagination. There are no limits to imagination, budget maybe, but in terms of skill, materials and craftsmanship we’re lucky, extremely lucky to have so much at our fingertips.

As a company we place a lot of value on integrity and honesty, regardless of the situation. We don’t like to blow our own trumpets, but, we always put our clients first, second, third and fourth. So if you’re considering working with us, know that you’re going to be no 1. The key to being successful isn’t only knowing your ‘stuff,’ but it’s being able to work well together with clients, suppliers and each other. Without you, our clients, we have nothing but a dream.

Over the next few weeks, follow us and you will get updated with news, information, questions and even some useful ‘tick- lists’ that you can apply to your own project along the way. We endeavour to be able to help, answer questions and show you what we’re up to. If you’d like to stay updated, follow us on our social media platforms where you’ll be kept in the loop.

Don’t forget, if you have anything that you’d like answering or sharing then just get in touch. We love to hear from you all!

Paul and Page is nothing without you; let’s build this dream together.

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