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For some people managing their own house build, the first few stages of a project can seem really daunting. That is where Paul and Page Structure and Shell are here to help. We will help you get your build up to a water tight stage. This means you can focus on the important bits – making decisions on what you want the finished product to look like.

Whilst we get your home to water tight stage, you can be focusing on the final design of your bathroom and kitchen with local tradesmen. By using local trades you are helping your community and will also get some really good prices and knowledge from your local area.

Let us do the heavy lifting at the start so you can focus on the finer details of the finished product.

Structure & Shell

Stages we can help you with include

Site preparation

We can get the site ready for construction by clearing anything that needs to be cleared, set up a site office or facilities if needed.


We dig out and install your foundations.

Drainage/service trenches

We can install drainage and service trenches.


We can install block and beam floor, insulation DPC, rings for underfloor heating, and screed.


We can carry out traditional block work structure or timber frame structure.

Vapour Control Layer

We can install a VCL if not included in the timber frame package + service battens.


We can install new structural steels as per your design.

Internal floors

We can ensure your internal floors are finished.

External cladding

We can carry out external cladding including bricks, timber or others.


We can install external wall or internal floor insulation.

Fascia, soffits & guttering

These, as well as temporary downpipes can be installed as per your specification.

Roof, chimney and roof windows

We can install these for you.

External Windows and Doors

We can install these for you. This includes front and rear doors and garage doors.

Air tightness

We can help you gain low airtightness (dependant on the ventilation system- tested and certified).

Water tight

We can ensure that your build reaches the water tight stage so that you can take your build through the final stages.

Get in touch

If you want us to take care of your build then talk to us, we’re here to help.


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