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Who We Are


“You can huff and you can puff but you won’t blow my house down”

Once upon a time there were two young men with a fantasy of building an empire strong enough to keep the wolves from the gates. They managed to get credit cards and enough money to begin their journey (and also enough to warrant going into hiding if it all went wrong). Since this eventful beginning they have now developed over 25 sites.

Nathan started off as a roofer, seeing the world from a different perspective. Watching the trade using various different materials he was able to assess and understand the strengths of what will stand the test of time, what will look good and what will ‘not get blown down’.

Paul with a passion for development and houses coupled with his artistic flair, became good friends with Nathan and together partnered up to establish what is now known as Paul & Page Developments. Knowing each other since their youth they had already an undeniable connection, one which is reflected in their builds today. Understanding the business and pitfalls that can arise has set them in good stead to move forward and build their very own fairytale.

Why Us?


Paul and Page developments has been and continues to be built on passion. Being able to construct properties that not only have longevity but beautiful architectural design is something which we hold in high regard. Not only do we sell homes but we sell a lifestyle and a future. We don’t stop once the homes have been sold but provide help if needed down the line as we stand by the high quality of our builds and believe in them even after the sale has taken place. We thrive on the ability to help bring happiness to others by providing a home for them and their families to enjoy. Knowing that we have helped play such an important role is just the icing on the cake.