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Passions are born out of dreams and there are many of those to go around with Paul & Page. Nathan started out as a roofer and soon established himself as project manager with many developments under his belt, ranging from listed buildings and extensions through to the top-end of luxury homes. Nathan’s talents don’t stop there as he has established himself within the commercial sector working on, but not limited to, shop conversions. As the saying goes, a workman is only as good as his tools and in this case materials too. Paul and page pride themselves on knowing what materials are most suitable for the job and how the aesthetics of these materials will enhance the build.

Paul and Nathan soon partnered up, each bringing their own qualities to the company. Paul, with his artistic flair, knows how to appeal to the wider audience. With his head for business and with their undeniable connection, they have brought Paul and Page to the forefront of property development. Since becoming partners they have developed over 25 properties, conversions and extensions.

To establish a successful company you have to recognise the pitfalls and learn how best to overcome any issues that may arise. Paul and Nathan, with their many years of experience and success have shown that they are capable of doing just this, from the stunning builds and the praise of their customers. Nothing is left to chance – every detail is intentional and this is why Paul & Page have achieved the high standard they offer today.

Paul and Page has been, and continues to be, built on passion. Being able to construct properties that not only have longevity but are beautiful in their architectural design, using only the best materials, is something which we’re extremely proud of. We care about the planet, so we’re always looking at methods to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Lastly, we’re not just about the build. It’s important to us that the same commitment to high quality is also provided in our reliable aftercare. We’ll ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and without fuss. Knowing that our craftsmanship helps bring happiness to others is something we always thrive on. Our previous clients can vouch for that – testimonials are available on request.