Angel Pavement, Royston

With Paul and Nathan on your side you will not only benefit from their visions but, as they will understand your dreams, your build will be completed to the highest standard possible.

This project was a renovation addition to their portfolio. The initial building consisted of a downstairs shop with one floor above. The brief was to complete the renovations of the shop below and to add 2 apartments for independent living on the first floor.

Their initial task was to build an extension to the back of the shop to create a separate access and space for the apartments. With all builds it is important to create that separate place of tranquillity in which to relax after a long hard day. Holding on to such images helps with visualising the final outcome and gives the project a life of its own from the very beginning.

The final architectural design was completed in-house by providing complete separation of the apartments and the shop and essentially creating three new kitchens and three new bathrooms, separate heating systems, soundproofing and meeting all building regulations.

Paul and Nathan know the importance of not only building apartments but being able to make these comfortable, happy and lovable homes with a story and life of their own for years to come.